How to get the best projects on freelancing platforms

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How to get the best projects on freelancing platforms

It is no secret to anyone the extent to which the market is affected by the rise in the price of the dollar and its large jumps against the Egyptian currency. Which caused a major economic and social crisis in Egypt and also around the world. Which made securing the basic needs of any individual or family a matter that requires additional effort.

Thus, the search process began among a large and wide segment of people for an additional source of livelihood in order to be more secure and less affected by the rise of the dollar and its consequences on the local market. Therefore, freelancing or working as a "Freelancer" is the best way to get another job, whether by working with other companies remotely or by working in other fields on the Internet in the field of design, graphics and electronic broadcasting, which are very popular and get a good commission without being bear any additional costs.

What are the areas of self-employment and freelancer jobs available?

The number of jobs is not limited in the world of self-employment, but there are areas in self-employment that are better than others, such as:

1- Marketing through social media platforms:

Because it is one of the available fields whose importance is increasing at the present time. All you will need is to learn how to work on social media in the right way so that you can get satisfactory results from it, and this link will be able to teach you the best skills that you will need to become a professional marketing via social media platforms as Freelancer.

2- Writing the content:

  Many may be wondering how to get started in the field of writing. But at the beginning it must be clarified that writing is not as difficult as many think, because each person has a special story that he can express, and each of us has a different point of view from others that he can write, so do not hesitate and start with the first step in this field, which if you master it as well. It must, it may become a profitable business for you that replaces the traditional job in companies and institutions.

But you must distinguish yourself from others and show yourself with your skills and abilities. Do not hesitate to introduce yourself and your business to potential clients who are looking for content writers, be smart about that and show them your skills by sending ready samples of your writing to send to them, but it is important that you have different topics and on various topics, and this link will be able to introduce you The best skills you will need to write professional content as Freelancer.

3- Search Engine Optimization:

This field is considered one of the best areas of e-marketing because it is a changing field, and you must be aware of the smallest details in it, which is preferred by many because it spares them from routine work. This field depends on analyzing the website data and working on improving it to appear on the first page of Google without paid ads, and this link will be able to introduce you to the best skills that you will need to become a professional SEO as Freelancer.

4- Graphic design:

Companies often need different designs, but they may not be so numerous as to hire a full-time designer. If you have a background in design, and you like to work on designing charts, web pages or printed materials, you can create these designs from your home and work as a freelancer in the field of graphic design and master work on appropriate programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator. And this link will be able to introduce you to the best skills that you will need to become a graphic design professional as Freelancer.

5- Paid ads:

As a specialist in the field of paid advertising campaigns for social media platforms, you will be responsible for all social media channels for a specific company, and you will have to use your marketing skills to increase the number of followers and their knowledge of the company’s field and services, and to deliver the company’s message to the largest possible number of users. In addition to increasing sales through ads on social media platforms or Google search engines. And this link will be able to introduce you to the best skills that you will need to become a professional in paid ads as Freelancer.

6- Data entry

This job does not require much creativity or skill, all you need is speed, as you will be given a set of different information to convert it into a specific document in the form that the customer wants. This may include filling the data into tables, printing it as a Word file, or something else. It is a great way to gain additional experience that will be useful when applying to various administrative positions. And it may be very suitable if self-employment is an additional means of obtaining a side income, and not the main source of income.

At first, you may be wondering how to attract new clients and expand your business as a freelancer. In the beginning, you have to choose a specific field and become an expert in it as many of the fields mentioned above, of which you will find many projects on the freelancing site Yalamation. Try to specialize in one of these areas of self-employment, and then be sure to share your experience and skills in a strong profile that will help you reach the largest number of clients and distinguish in your field of work.

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