As an employer: How can I transfer money to freelancing sites?

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As an employer: How can I transfer money to freelancing sites?

Remote hiring of freelancers allows flexibility and diversity, and the ability to expand globally, and gives companies a competitive advantage for their ability to hire freelancers and remote work teams in Egypt or any country in the world, which allows expanding business scopes and increasing productivity, and makes companies’ businesses more diversified by employing multiple work teams Skills and specializations.

Paying freelancers is one of the business challenges facing companies, due to the challenges of currency differences and money transfer mechanisms.

If you are a company owner or business owner, then of course you have faced previous challenges when hiring freelancers through freelance sites, specifically when it comes to paying safely online, and the challenges they face in ways to transfer money through these sites to freelancers. So what we share with you below may be useful to you:

How you can transfer your money to freelancers via YallaMission:

Self-employment is no longer just a type of business; The Corona pandemic has helped the employment of freelancers grow in order to maintain the continuity of companies’ business in light of the pandemic, which requires companies to hold freelancers accountable with appropriate wages. In this regard, companies face a challenge in how to transfer money to freelancers?

But there is nothing to worry about because some of the main challenges customers face on freelancing platforms in paying or transferring their money to freelancers have now been resolved.

With YallaMission, the customer can transfer almost instant payments in Egyptian currency instead of dollars, which saves business owners a lot of money, as well as confidence and financial security, through a unified platform to manage work with freelancers, and pay their wages with easy mechanisms and methods, while providing you Many options that can determine which is best for you and your project, with the transfer of funds after completing the task in the most complete and fastest manner, and guarantee you money back in the event of mishandling or breach of agreements and deadlines.

Among the methods that the platform provides you with to transfer your money are:

1- Bank transfers

It is considered a traditional method of bank transfers, through which money can be sent and received with several options via the Internet, bank accounts, credit cards, or going to a branch, but it is a traditional process and it can take time to transfer money, and for frequent transfers, fees may be higher than other options.

2- E-wallets

It is considered the best solution for companies and individuals; Because it is easy, offers flexible payment options with lower fees, and you can deposit money directly into your wallet without incurring any commissions or additional fees through the outlets of the mobile companies, then transfer them to the freelance platform, and from the electronic wallets through which you can transfer your money to the Yellamation platform are:

  • Vodafone Cash.

  • Cash contacts.

  • Orange Cash.

Technology has created solutions that allow money to be transferred around the world within minutes, and through simple steps via mobile phones and computers, companies can cross borders and benefit from the expertise of Egyptian freelancers from the freelance platform Elamation, all it takes is choosing the appropriate medium for the nature of your business to display your projects and Transfer your money through it.

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