What kind of missions/services can I post on YallaMission?
Simply post a mission or order a service for what you need from all the digital marketing services.
Freelancers’s money will be released once the employer accepts your submitted entry files and completes the mission.
Both Employers and Freelancers are prompted to verify their identity on the platform before engaging each other, in case of conflict a professional assesor will be assigned to reside over the case and review each point before providing a verdict.
No, Such action is considered a violation and is grounds for suspension from the platform without room for reconsilation or refunds.


Do I need to pay extra fees to join YallaMission as a Freelancer/Employer?
Whether you are a freelancer or an employer, it’s totally free to join YallaMission.
Yes, Yet it is not recommended
Using Reset Password password page an email will be sent redirecting you to change Password page


Is my data private?
Yes, your data is secured and private only the data shared by you is visible through our platform.
Yes, it would be quite unfortunate to see you leave yet it is possible from you account settings to request account deletion.
No, till Jan 2023 no IDs are being shared with any entity officially or unofficially